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Mineral Water Plant



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Description  Quantity
Shrink Tunnel:
This is fitted on the online conveyor to shrink labels and neck sleeves. The labels & neck sleeves are to be manually inserted on the bottle.
Machine will be provided with suitable capacity Heaters, Blower, Reduction Gear Box and Electric Motor, complete in all respects ready to use.
Printing Machine ( for mfg. Date & batch nos.) 
Semiautomatic machine is proposed. 
This is a table top coding machine with a printing area of 35 mm x 25 mm & capable of printing 3 variable line message on labels or caps.
Direct online inkjet printers can be provided at additional cost of approximately USD 10000/-

Total cost USD 4500/-


1. Purification section: USD 34,300.00

2. Bottle Manufacturing section: USD 48,500.00

3. Bottling section: USD 33,300.00

4. Labeling & packaging section: USD 4500.00

Total FOB USD   --   USD 1,20,600.00


The water source is of critical importance and the continuity of the plant would depend upon it. Apart from water following items are required and can be supplied by us.
1] Preform - for blowing into bottles
2] Caps for the bottles
3] Labels
4] Neck sleeves
5] Cartons for final packing.

The budgetary prices for the above material is as follows - 
1] Preforms
a) 1000 ml - 25 gms USD 50.00/1000
b) 500 ml - 20 gms USD 35.00/1000
c) 1500 ml - 31 gms USD 55.00/1000

2] Caps - 28 mm USD 8.00/1000

3] Labels
a) 2 colour USD 4.00/1000
b) colour USD 4.85/1000

4] Neck Sleeves Plain USD 1.15/1000

5] Cartons USD 15.00/1000

Final rates prevailing at supply time would be quoted on knowing design, quantity, sizes etc.



The various cost elements involved are :
1] Raw material
2] Packing cost
3] Operating cost - Electricity
4] Manpower


The total Electricity load would be about 2.0 KW


Number of people required to operate various machines is 
1] Bottling - 1 nos.
2] Labeling - 2 nos.
3] Bottle making - 2 nos.
4] Printing - 1 no.
5] Packing - 2 nos.
6] Miscellaneous - 2 nos.

Total - 10 nos.


We are presenting hereunder costs for 1000 bottles of 1000 ml

Cost per 1000 in USD
Preform cost 50.00
Cap cost 8.00
Label cost 4.00
Carton cost 15.00
Water cost 1.00
Electricity, Wages et 2.00
Transportation 2.00
USD 82.00/1000

 The above costs are based on our selling price, you would have to add import duty and other charges which are levied in your country.



Total Price FOB USD  1,20,600.00
(TOTAL USD One hundred Twenty Thousand and Six Hundred only )

Erection and Commissioning
We can send our Engineers for commissioning. Per person a charge of USD 100/- per day would be payable along with, to and fro Air Fare and accomodation

Price Basis
Prices quoted are FOB and subject to Design, engineering, fabrication and supply of plant and equipment as per details submitted. 

Following are excluded :
I] Sea freight and marine insurance from Indian port to the port of destination in your country.
Ii] Customs / Port clearance and handling at the port of destination, unloading, loading, inland transportation and insurance for the transportation of equipment from the port to the site.
Iii] Bank charges towards L/C confirmation, negotiation and remittance.

Mode of Payment
100% payment through irrevocable Letter of Credit drawn on a 1st Class Bank, payable at sight, alongwith techno-commercially clear purchase order. L/C should allow Partial shipment of goods.

Bankers Details :
State Bank of Hyderabad,
Overseas branch,
Tulloch Road, Colaba, MUMBAI - 400 039
Tel : 00 91 22 2883385/1814, Fax : 2851321
Swift Code - SBHYINBB 001,
SBH A/C 36074976, with CITI BANK NEWYORK


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