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Laboratory Glass Ware & Plastic Ware

Measuring Cylinder (Polycarbonate)LG 173 - Measuring Cylinder (Polycarbonate)

It is best alternative for Glass Cylinders because of its transparency which is as good as glass.
Polycarbonate cylinders are having permanent numerical graduation for easier and accurate reading.
They are acid, alkali proof and also solvent up till certain extent.
Sizes available in 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000 ml.

Test Tube & Pipette StandLG 175 - Test Tube & Pipette Stand

(These stands are excellent replacement for wooden or metal racks. It holds two tubes of 1" dia or 25 mm   dia, and 4 tubes of 16 mm dia. Test tube stands are also available for 12 Test   Tubes)
Pipette Stands are in Horizontal & verticle shapes.
Horizontal pipette stand holds 12 pipettes & verticle pipette stand Holds 28 pipettes.

Jug MeasuringLG 177 - Jug Measuring

These are the safest jugs while usage of strong acids and corrosives.
The jug is made up of thick walls and is provided with a sufficiently large handle, which reduces the danger    in handling of strong reagents and other hazardous chemicals.
The spillage problem is eliminated by the spout.
Highly visible graduation makes the measuring convenient.


LG 180 - Vaccum Desiccator

Vaccum Desiccators are made of plastic, easy to handle & light  Weight.
It can hold a vaccum of 29" Hg for minimum of 24hrs.
These are the safest and convinient Desiccators for holding vaccum without grease causing any damage.

Top Part

Thick walled hemisperical dome of transperent unbreakable Polycarbonate.
A ribbed knob is provided for easy & convinient handling.

Bottom Part

Heavy walled bottom with a flange having a smooth internal groove which holds Silicone 'O' ring.
The lower part is made of tough ivory coloured Polypropylene.

LG 185 - Stop Cock

The Polypropylene stop cock which is meant for slow and gentle entrance of air to prevent damage of   crucible.
The port ends of stop cock fits 6.35 mm. ID tube for Vaccum Suction.
PTFE stop cock (3 way) is for Vaccum suction, shutting off & release of vaccum.

LG 187 - Plate

Ceramic coloured-Polypropylene, unbreakable, highly chip-Resistant, impervious to most Acids & Alkalies. Smooth non-stick surface numerous pores for air transfer.
The plate has a center hole for easy removal.
Porcelain plates are advisable to be used in case of incandescent crucibles.

LG 190 - Plain Desiccator

This is low cost ultimate in safety & practicle design. And is without stop cock.
Body will not be affected with usual Desiccants.
Top is of transparent Polycarbonate & bottom is Polypropylene.
Specification : -

Size 6"/150mm 8"/200mm 10"/250mm 12"/300mm
Flange O.D. of Base 172mm 230mm 275mm 335mm
Inside diameter 150mm 198mm 240mm 296mm
P.P. Plate O.D. 138mm 188mm 229mm 290mm
Total Height 205mm 255mm 310mm 383mm

LG 195 - Trays

The tray is made of Polypropylene.
The tray is used while washing, filling, autoclaving or incubation.
The plant culture tray can hold twenty five Magenta Boxes & culture bottles (25 nos) Sizes : 16" x 16" x 4"

LG 197 - Magenta Boxes

Magenta boxes are most convenient to cultivate Plant culture.
Box is made of transparent Polycarbonate for excellent light penetration.
Cap is made up of Polypropylene which fits perfectly well over the box.
Magenta boxes are light in weight & are durable.
The units are autoclavable & reusable.
Dimensions : I.D.- 66mm, Height - 99mm, Width - 68mm

LG 201 - Caps

Press type caps are of two types which fit a different variety of Plant Culture Bottles.
Smaller ones is for Test Tubes (25mm x 150mm)
Bigger ones are for Jam Bottles (500)
The caps are translucent, autoclavable & reusable.
The unique design facilitate excellent light penetration & are easy to use.


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